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Why a Hunter Chooses Texas

I’ve hunted with several Texas outfitters, the most recent being an adventurous week with the fine folks at Richard Muennink’s Action Outdoor Adventures near Hondo in Medina County. Muennink, his wife Suzanne, and entire staff exemplify the heart of Texas. In fact, we found that spirit at every hunting outfit and range I’ve visited in the Lone Star State. Texans are passionate for wildlife and land and hard- working, independent, God-fearing, patriotic hunters and fishers — not to mention, some of the most hospitable folks around.

By day, my companion and I hunted a mix of species that could only be found in Texas—Water Buffalo, Chiltan Wild Goat, Hybrid Mouflon Rams, Persian Ibex, Wild Boar, Addax and Fallow Deer. Native originally to areas like Asia, Pakistan and the Middle East, these animals are raised responsibly by outfitters like Muennink. In fact, where several species are extinct in their native locales around the globe, they flourish in Texas. It’s the dollars spent by hunters along with the passion of Texas ranchers that keep exotic game thriving there.

With the abundance of game that can be taken on a single hunting trip, there’s also a grand opportunity to use different weapons. On this most recent trip, hunting partner Jerry Hnetynka and I were able to use a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Hunter revolver and Savage High Country rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, among other weaponry – all available on, ready to take on any Texas hunting adventure.

Muennink even caters to youth hunters, as he loves to see youngsters bagging their first critters and getting hooked on a lifetime as sportsmen and women. Those pint-sized shooters often feel most comfortable with guns built and fit specifically for them, with shorter length of pull and barrel along with lower-recoiling calibers. Options like the Savage Axis II XP Compact, Mossberg Patriot Super Bantam and Ruger American Rifle Compact.

One of the most interesting things about Texas, besides being a hunter’s paradise of game, is the beautiful terrain that varies greatly from one area of the state to the next–from Hill Country to Plains, South Texas to Big Bend range, Piney Woods to the Gulf Coast and everything in between. Gun owners, hunters and shooters alike love Texas, plain and simple.

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By: Kristin Alberts