Hunters for the Hungry is a statewide hunger relief program that provides venison to Texans in need. Through the program, hunters can drop off legally tagged, field-dressed whitetail or mule deer to participating meat processors. Partner processors then prepare the venison for distribution through local food banks.

It’s time to clear up at least one of the misconceptions—the potential impact on humans

TPWD Drawn Hunt permit applications now being accepted for both public and private lands throughout Texas.

In this episode of Texas Trophy Hunters TV founder Jerry Johnston and good friend Marty Berry travel to New Mexico to hunt American Pronghorn. For one guy a Pronghorn at 1,000 yards is a piece of cake in the wide opendesert plains of New Mexico, but for his buddy, its the close shots that sends this hunt to the point of absurdity.

By Ralph Winingham A hunting camp breakfast can be become one of highlights of a high-country excursion when fresh trout fried to golden perfection are included as part of the menu. Allowing for the fact that all the ingredients and cooking gear must be packed into the hunting camp, the following is a simple and quick recipe for a tasty treat. This dish calls for small trout about 10-12 inches long that have been beheaded and gutted, then cleaned in fresh water, before they are seasoned and fried. The recommended Lamb’s Stone Ground Fish Fry is made in Inez, Texas,

It’s Showtime!

The Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganzas kicking off statewide. Deer hunters are among the world’s best storytellers. I’ve heard some great ones over the years. One of the most memorable dates back more than a decade ago when I shared a phone conversation with Jennie Crowder of San Antonio. Crowder hadn’t connected with a giant buck, but she had seen hundreds of them through her long-time business relationship with Jerry Johnston. Johnston was, and still is, a hardcore deer hunter. In the mid-1970s he had a dream. His vision was to bring Texas deer hunters together as an association to promote