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SafeShoot- Stop Friendly Fire

SAFESHOOT creates a safety network for hunters to assist in preventing friendly-fire incidents. Shooters equipped with a SAFESHOOT device will be automatically alerted when another SAFESHOOT device is downrange in their line of fire. No line of sight needed.

After being exposed to tragic friendly fire incidents, SafeShoot was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurial minds. They decided to devote themselves to finding a solution to friendly fire incidents in hunting, law enforcement and military operations.

By combining their expertise in technological development and management, along with a thorough background in military and a genuine love for outdoor activities, SafeShoot’s founding team has developed a unique and comprehensive solution to friendly fire incidents.


Each member of a hunting party is equipped with a SafeShoot device (Shooter or Non-Shooter Defender). When taking aim, SafeShoot alerts shooters immediately and automatically when there is another SafeShoot device downrange and in the line of fire. SafeShoot alerts shooters visually and audibly thus assisting in preventing a fatal outcome.

The Shooter device for armed party members easily attaches to most hunting firearms via a picatinny rail. SafeShoot works at a range of up to 1000 yards, day or night, in all weather, with no line of sight needed. Utilizing a combination of radio frequency, MEMS sensors, and GPS, SafeShoot devices in the area form a network to always alert you if someone with a device is unsafely down range, even if they are not in your hunting party.  SafeShoot provides an auditory and visual alarm to increase situational awareness without interfering with your weapon or firing system.

Hunting companions wear the Non-Shooter Defender device via a SafeShoot backpack or pouch. The system constantly broadcasts a signal to all Shooter devices in the area, alerting armed party members that friendlies are in the line of fire without disturbing the wearer. The SafeShoot Non-Shooter defender works as a part of the SafeShoot system in conjunction with Shooter devices that armed party members have attached to their weapons.

Our goal is not to replace safe gun handling practices, but rather to empower hunters with more information about other hunters in the area, even those they might not know about. The SafeShoot system gives you confidence in your shot. Take a safe shot with SafeShoot.

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