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Wyatt’s Taxidermy – Rockport, TX

We believe that Taxidermy is an art, not just a process.

At Wyatt’s Taxidermy, We offer quality taxidermy service with reasonable pricing and short turnaround times, with a 100% Moneyback satisfaction guarantee. We do Deer, Exotics, African Game, Life-size Mammals, Birds, Fish, Skulls, Tanning, Rugs, Repairs and more. We are in this business for long-term customer relationships.

We believe that Taxidermy is an art, not just a process. We believe that every wildlife requires a certain amount of time, attention and detail to restore it to be like it was in the wild. We strive to make our work look as real as possible and preserve it to last for decades to come.

Feel free to call or email us at any time for more info.