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A Good Texas Deer Blind

A Good Texas Deer Blind


Things to think about when buying a deer blind

When you decide on getting yourself a blind, think about these criteria when either purchasing or building one. A good blind should have a weatherproof roof, see-through windows and a door for easy entrance.

The height of a blind off the ground depends on where you’re hunting. In tall timber, a high blind may not give you as much visibility as a blind closer to the ground. In any case, a good deer blind will not be higher  than about 7 feet, which would put your vision at 10 to 12 feet above ground. In some situations, a ground blind may be preferable.

A high blind should have a good ladder with at least one handlebar to help you ascend to the top with a gun and other equipment. The top of the ladder should have a small platform between the top of the ladder and the blind door, so that you leave the ladder and step onto the platform before you open the door.

A good blind will have windows that open easily and stay open. The best windows slide rather than open vertically. They should open to the front and both sides of the blind. All windows should close tightly to prevent weather and insects from getting inside.

Chairs for the blind will vary, especially if the blind is for one or two hunters. Rolling office chairs are good for a two-hunter blind, and a single rigid chair is good for a single hunter blind. But all chairs should be comfortable and moveable for a variety of shooting positions.

A good blind will have a 6-8 inch shelf inside the front windows for holding shooting bags, shells, binoculars, or other items. A good shooting rest is important.

A good ground blind (feet at ground level) will have all of the interior facilities noted above, including shooting deck, windows, and chairs. The best ground blinds will be on 6-8 inch legs at all corners to create a level blind. If needed, a ground blind will have a step in front of the door.

Note:  Any blind should be positioned for primary vision to face either north or south so the rising or setting sun will not impair visibility at the better hunting times.