Deer Hunting News

On May 27th, the Texas Senate passed the conference committee report on SB 321, the Employer Parking Lot bill. It’s on its way to Governor Perry’s desk.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association (TTHA) is proud to announce its continued partnership with Barnes Bullets, the standard in the industry of quality ammunition.

ThinSkin is a patented camouflage system that allows you to customize any piece of gear with your favorite camouflage pattern. TTHA members get 15% off.

EHP will give all active members of TTHA a 15% discount off of the MSRP for the new EHD-1 BTE (behind the ear) hearing enhancement / protection device.

Buckstop Lure Co. a family business, has been producing the finest quality deer scents, lures, and attractants for 56 years. TTHA members get 30% off online.

C&W Wildlife Services offers deer surveys, soil testing, developing wildlife management plans for wildlife exemption, food plot advisory, & property management.

Slammer Hunting Innovations, Inc. brings you their advanced crossbow laser boresighter and target systems. TTHA members receive 10% off several products.

Boss Buck offers a complete line of convertible deer feeders, deer blinds and deer feeder parts and accessories. Boss Buck offers TTHA member discounts.

3 Amigos Ranch wants to make sure you experience hunting the Texas way. There’s something for everyone. TTHA members receive 10% off of hunt packages.

HECS Energy Cloak Fabric features an interlocking conductive carbon grid that blocks up to 90% of the human EM field. TTHA members get $10 off any HECS product.