Field Dressing Your Game
October 11, 2019

Field Dressing Your Game

Now That You’ve Killed It…

Heat, moisture and dirt can ruin your game meat that you worked so hard to get. Care must be taken to ensure your harvest is handled properly from the field to the table. See a tutorial with photos and videos, courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

A good, sharp knife is needed in all phases of cleaning game. It makes the work safer and easier because it is less likely to force the blade and lose control of the cut. Buck Knives’ Pursuit Series knives fill the need for the beginner to the experienced, serious hunter.

659GRS Folding Pursuit Large from Buck Knives
659GRS Pursuit Series Folding Knife from Buck Knives
657GRG Pursuit Large Guthook from Buck Knives
657GRG Pursuit Series Large Guthook Knife from Buck Knives





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