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The Cabra – raising the standard for hunting vehicles. World’s first clean sheet design top drive hunting vehicle now in production. The high performance hybrid electric powertrain allows for silent ruggedness and the articulating cab gives flexibility in any terrain.

Ultimate Top Drives, LLC has developed the Cabra – the first-ever clean sheet design hybrid electric top-drive hunting rig. This means it was thoughtfully and painstakingly designed from scratch. That’s right, no Ford F250 or Chevy Suburban frame here. It will amaze you with its imposing size, attractive design, and hydraulic articulating cab.

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The Cabra offers silent four-wheel drive operation with front and rear hybrid-electric motors powered by a 20 KWH lithium ion battery pack. This will get you about 35 miles of silent hunting per charge. However, the onboard generator will expand this range out to a whopping 160 miles – and it will do so quieter than any gas-powered UTV. Goodbye to long walks back to the deer camp or lodge because your batteries run down sooner than expected. Other features include generous storage, two 100 lb. game feeders, dog boxes, gun scabbards, winches, game loading system, and a spacious bed. The rig seats 7 (5 on top and 2 in the front) and safety was also a design priority with features such as an under-cab camera and sensor-locking cab doors. The speed (normally up to 35 MPH) is governed to 15 MPH while the cab is in its raised position.

And what about portability? No problem. Weighing in at just over 5,000 pounds, the Cabra can easily be transported on a tandem axle utility trailer. When the cab is in the down position, it also fits into a standard 8’ tall garage.

Deliveries are planned to start in January 2020. Early production will be around 2 vehicles per month, so contact Ultimate Top Drives now to secure a delivery position.

Visit www.ultimatetopdrives.com for more details!

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