Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight

Take aim with confidence and eliminate the yardage guessing game.

The Oracle laser-rangefinding bow instantly calculates and shows the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

The Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight from Burris Optics provides the exact distance to target and an exact aiming point (factoring in angle). All this at the push of a button which can be done while at full draw! There is no glass to scratch, fog, glare or break and it’s made out of aircraft grade aluminum which makes the sight durable and lightweight at only 17 oz. Like all Burris products the Oracle is backed by the Forever Warranty.

The Oracle will learn the trajectory or drop for two different arrow configurations and will accommodate up to 176 inches of drop at 100 yards. Most bow set-ups will be able to achieve 80-110 yards depending on bow speed and arrow weight.


  • Built in rangefinder, trajectory calculator and inclinometer
  • No glass to scratch, fog, glare or break
  • Failsafe fixed 20 yard pin that’s always there no matter what
  • Multiple arrow selections
  • Strong & Light all aluminum construction
  • Backed by the Burris Forever Warranty
  • Easy to set up: Sight in at 20, 30+ & 40+ yards and you’re done!
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The Oracle bow sight automatically detects when the sight is mounted for a left-handed bow and reverses the LED readout. One CR123 battery powers the sight for 1,000-2,000 cycles.

How it works:

  • Put the 20 yard pin on your target & press the range button (attached to your grip)
  • Sight instantly ranges distance out to 100+ yards
  • Sight automatically displays LED aiming point & exact distance to target (factoring in angle of shot)

Don’t leave your shot of a lifetime to chance, get the Oracle Range Finding Bow Sight from Burris!

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