Allen Ranch Hunting – Coleman County, TX

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Allen Ranch is located in Coleman County, Texas. High fence hunting ranch offering guided hunts for White-tailed Deer, Axis, and Blackbuck.

Trophy, management, and doe hunts for individuals, small groups, and families. All hunts include meals and lodging plus care of your animal.

The Allen Ranch is a high fenced ranch in Coleman County, Texas. Most of the ranch is densely vegetated with oaks and native brush. The ranch is located in Central Texas near the cities of Coleman and Santa Anna (approximately 60 miles south of Abilene and 20 miles west of Brownwood).

The high fence was completed early in 2005. We have native Whitetails and introduced Blackbuck Antelope and Axis Deer. No trophy animals were harvested until 2008. We offer hunts for rifle, archery and black powder.

Our management program is geared toward harvesting mature animals. We provide protein supplements (Jan. – Oct.), cottonseed, and food plots to encourage healthy animals and antler development. To date, mature does have weighed between 104 and 146 lbs. Mature bucks have weighed 181 to 225 lbs. Trophy bucks taken have ranged from 130’s (Gross B & C) to 169 7/8 (Gross B & C).

All hunts are full service hunts. We provide lodging, meals, guiding and field care of animals taken. The Allen Ranch can accommodate individual and family hunts. Whether you are an experienced hunter, or a first time hunter, we look forward to having you hunt with us.

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