Aimpoint Hunting Optics

The Original Red Dot Sight

Engineered and manufactured in Sweden since 1975. Aimpoint sights work under any conditions and extreme environmental changes, with accuracy and a battery that will last for years. Quite simply, you can always trust Aimpoint sights.

Target Acquired – Faster

Give yourself the advantage of the fastest target acquisition possible.  Rooted in hunting tradition and proven on the battlefield, Aimpoint sights provide unmatched ruggedness and reliability when it matters most.

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Product Highlight – Micro S-1 – Your Next Best Friend

Designed specifically for use on shotguns, the Micro S-1 features an innovative carbon fiber reinforced mounting system positioning the optic on the lowest possible optical axis. The sight attaches directly to the shotgun at any point along the ventilated rib.

The Micro S-1 greatly enhances hit percentage for waterfowl and upland bird hunters, as well as the sporting clays course, and provides a low-profile optic for turkey and deer shotgun hunters.

Give yourself the advantage of the ultimate shotgun optic – the Aimpoint Micro S-1. Shop now.