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My son started fishing with my husband David at 3 years old and deer hunting at 7. David has always taught him game management. They hunt in Jack County, Texas.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission voted to legalize suppressor use while hunting game animals which can mean increased accuracy and reduced recoil.

Texas hunting accidents in 2011 declined to the lowest number since records began in 1966, according to a new report by the TPWD, continuing a downward trend.

Oklahoma’s Suppressor Bill – SB 1743, the Landowner’s Hunting Freedom Act – has passed out of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in a 10-1 vote.

The TPWD is considering opening deer hunting in three North Texas counties as part of recommended changes to the 2012-13 Statewide Hunting Proclamation.

CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired a story on exotic hunting in Texas and touched on the new rule from U.S. Fish and Wildlife concerning permits for hunting oryx.

A study, conducted for the NSSF by Responsive Management found that more than seven in ten Americans approve of legal hunting and legal recreational shooting

UFC star Brock Lesnar, 34, was charged Thursday with three counts of violating the Alberta Wildlife Act in connection with a 2010 hunting and fishing trip

For hunters who do not have access to privately-owned land, the TPWD is providing low cost access to nearly a million acres of department-managed lands.

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