Hog Hunting

Radioactive Hogs contaminated with radiation levels 300 times higher than safety standards The New York Times reports on efforts to eradicate radioactive hogs roaming towns near the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Since the 2011 nuclear plant disaster, these hogs have

Texas Hog Hunters Association starts petition against it The Texas Hog Hunters Association opposes the introduction of a new Warfarin based pesticide to control the feral hog population. Outdoor product company Sellmark said in a press release it also opposes

Windmill Hogs

By Brandon Ray The clues were everywhere. In the muddy run-off pool north of the windmill’s main holding tank laid dozens of blunt-toed tracks. Wallows in sizes ranging from watermelons to bathtubs were along the edge of the muddy pond.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports it and its partners are seeing the benefits of grant funds designated to help fight invasive feral hogs. Paired with recent banning of hog hunting on conservation areas, this marks progress in the

Researchers at Louisiana State University wanted to know if feral hogs threaten water quality. LSU’s Agricultural Center School of Renewable Natural Resources, in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, have conducted the research. They’ve learned feral hogs

The first time I hunted hogs with dogs was around 1984 in Gonzales County. And what a first time it was. Terry Ruddock had the dogs, horses, and ranch access.

Big Bad Boars

Like a modern plague, wild hogs have spread in Texas like a swarm of locusts. Their numbers increase every year. Bowhunting is an effective method of control.

The phrase “poor man’s grizzly” is used to describe the wild boar. Hogs are challenging, intelligent & wary creatures. Hunting them is great off-season sport.

While deer hunting can be challenging, hog hunting can also test one’s mettle. Feral hogs are also called European hogs, razorbacks, and many other names.

Pig Soup

This was one of the author’s all-time favorite hog hunting adventures. They were dirty and so were the dogs, but it was a wionderful day of hog hunting.