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The trophy experience isn’t always about scoring on a Booner every time you go on a hunt, but if you can end family time with a 170″ class buck all the better! Enjoy Pam Zaitz’s story from the Journal of the Texas

In my 9 years of experience of running the Non-Profit Organization Hunting with Soldiers (, I have learned a valuable lesson. The meaning of a trophy is different to many people. For some a trophy may be a 150 plus

Join Charlie Sanchez in his search for the “Double Triple” in this FREE past Journal article! Click HERE to read the full article now. “On one of my trips down to South Texas, I called my cousin Billy Sanchez. I asked

Debbie was kind enough to share this “Trophy Experience” between her and her granddaughter Alyssa. Enjoy this short video capturing Alyssa’s first whitetail buck harvest at the Charco Marrano Ranch. Also, make sure you join or renew TTHA today as Alyssa’s

Life Through a Lens

A Glimpse Into the Life of an Outdoors Cameraman by Eric Lewis Hunting for a living— how could it get any better than that?” I feel safe in saying this is a phrase hunters have said aloud or at least

Author Rick Taylor gives great insight into the world renowned “Golden Triangle” of South Texas, which offers some of the best hunting in the state. Skip to the full article by clicking HERE. “The first time I saw the deer,

TTHA’s Debbie Keene and the folks at the Charco Marrano ranch were kind enough to give us some archived footage of Brittain Griffith taking a monster south Texas whitetail buck. Enjoy this short “webisode” and join Brittain in his Trophy

Clyde Roberts started hunting to fill his time after he retired 40 years ago. After years of hard hunting he’s finally shot the buck of a lifetime! It is pretty darned inspiring to see this man still able to climb

Excerpt from Hunting’s A Family Affair by Trisha Kusenberger…skip to full article HERE She may have taken the big buck herself, but she doesn’t forget about all her support. With hunting season drawing to a close, conversations were already shifting

“It was as simple as being part of their ‘deer pasture,’… I hope your deer pastures are filled this season with close family and old friends, warm fires and cold mornings, cherished traditions and new memories, love and much laughter,