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To start your Managed Land Deer Permit, you must submit a Wildlife Management Plan to TPWD. The program has been very extremely successful for the TPWD.

Our friends from Mossy Oak take part in one memorable hunt before season’s end. Texas is always a great place to hunt and end the deer hunting season.

Wintertime Coyotes

Deer season doesn’t mean you can’t expand your hunting options. While coyotes can be hunted in Texas anytime, there’s no doubt when it’s most productive.

Why is a co-op even needed? It is simple question with a complicated answer. Think about the short & long term well-being of deer & their habitat in your area.

The year 2010 marks the 35th Anniversary of TTHA. It has been a good 35 years. TTHA has influenced many changes in Texas deer hunting & hunting in general.

I could not help but admire the collection of South Texas trophies mounted on the wall. Who is that tall, dark stranger? This here, my friend, is a nilgai.

Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way. A hunter proves it by finding his way back to his passion. Taking a red stag was not easy for veteran Jim Spencer.

Not Bad for a Girl!

Everyone told this woman hunter she was crazy for going after this buck, but she knew. She believes that hunting is not a choice, but a heritage born within you

The Hill Country has been known as deer hunting heaven because of high deer numbers. Thanks to better management, it’s also turning out impressive trophies!

Sand Hill Mulies

One hunt that will forever stay with me was a quail hunt in southern Bailey County in January 1990. I ended up with a Sand Hill Mule Deer that scored 159 P&Y.