Cola Blanca: South Texas’ Premier Hunting Contest
October 10, 2018
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Cola Blanca: South Texas’ Premier Hunting Contest

Contest registration now open

By Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest

The Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest, founded in 1986, originally included seven categories. The contest has grown tremendously ever since, and now includes over 35 categories. It’s been the premier venue for hunters from all over the United States and Mexico.

This year, we’re excited to announce our new “Open” division with four categories for the upcoming 2018–19 hunting season! The new categories will be Overall Men, Overall Women, Overall Youth, and 200+ Open Trophy Club.

The contest offers more than $40,000 worth of prizes, including a bronze statue for first-, second-, and third-place winners, as well as a Cola Blanca jacket, in all categories. It also recognizes registered hunters at an annual event featuring music, food, entertainment and exhibitors.

Over the last 32 years, the Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest has become a well-recognized hunting contest, which gathers an average of 1,000 hunters. It’s becoming the premier hunting contest in South Texas.

South Texas hunting in Laredo’s own Webb County is a world-renowned activity. Every season, the prized bucks inspire hunters from far and wide to seek out and beat a personal best record.

Webb County’s acres upon acres of private ranch land, with an abundance of white-tailed deer, help boost the local economy by attracting a record number of registered hunters from all over the country and Mexico. It’s known for being at the center of the Golden Triangle. That means big bucks, heavy brush, and deer hunting.

The Boone and Crockett Club recognizes Webb County as the all-time No. 1 county within the Golden Triangle, and one of two record book producing counties throughout the United States.

Ranch leases in the area are dedicated to hunting all types of game. Even exotics can be found in the region. White-tailed deer reign supreme over the land, along with doves and various other fowl and mammals.


Dates for the 2018-19 Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest

Archery Only: Sept. 29–Nov. 2, 2018

MLD Only: Oct. 1–Nov. 2, 2018

General Season: Nov. 3, 2018–Jan. 20, 2019

Early Youth-Only: Oct. 27–28, 2018

Late Youth-Only: Jan. 7–20, 2019

Special Late: Jan. 21–Feb. 3, 2019


2018-19 Cola Blanca Categories


  1. Overall High Fence
  2. Overall Low Fence
  3. Widest Spread

High/Low Fence

  1. Best 8 Point
  2. Best 9 Point
  3. Most Points
  4. Mass
  5. Best Senior Buck
  6. Longest Droptine
  7. Hunter’s Club (140+)
  8. Big Buck Club (150+)
  9. 160+ Club
  10. Best Webb Co. Buck
  11. Best Zapata Co.
  12. Best LaSalle Co. Buck
  13. 150+ Trophy Club
  14. 160+ Big Buck Club


  1. Youth Overall High Fence
  2. Youth Overall Low Fence
  3. Youth Widest Spread
  4. Youth Most Points
  5. Youth Best 9 Point
  6. Youth Best 8 Point
  7. Youth Mr. Mass
  8. Young Guns


  1. Overall High Fence
  2. Overall Low Fence
  3. Widest Spread


  1. Archery Overall High Fence
  2. Archery Overall Low Fence
  3. Archery Widest Spread
  4. Archery Best 8 Point
  5. Archery Most Points
  6. Youth Archery


  1. Mexico Division


  1. Best Buck Photo

NEW – Open Categories

  1. Men
  2. Women
  3. Youth
  4. 200+ Trophy Club


  1. Youth Longest Spike
  2. Youth Heaviest Javelina
  3. Youth Heaviest Doe
  4. Youth Heaviest Hog

For more information call 956-722-9895.



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