Annual Deer Competition
January 10, 2011

Annual Deer Competition

The lack of rain and the hard economic climate that engulfed the 2009–2010 deer season created doubts that we would even have any deer at all in the 2010 Hunters Extravaganza® Annual Deer Competition. One thing that I forgot to consider is how passionate the Texas hunter is and how, in most cases, some of us would rather buy a hunting license and go hunting than pay a light bill. The one impressive thing about this year was the number of families that brought mounts into the Competition. Whether it was a dad and daughter, a mother and son, or boatloads of brothers, the expression rang true that the family that hunts together is the family that stays together. (This year, it was also the family that won lots of prizes together.)

Great prizes always seem to bring hunters out of the woodwork as much or more than anything else. Nikon stepped up again this year with piles and piles of optics as prizes. From spotting scopes to binoculars and range finders, there were thousands of dollars worth of Nikon Sport Optics available for winners. Cuddeback Digital provided over two dozen cameras for winners while XXXL Ground Blinds were awarded to People’s Choice winners.

After the 2009 competition, we had so many people e-mail and call praising our new additions of the Best Perfect Eight Award and the People’s Choice Award that we kept them for the 2010 Competition. We also continued scoring deer using the NET Boone and Crockett method. TTHA is proud to have one of the sole remaining NET contests left. While most other contests focus on gross scoring, TTHA stays true to its near 35-year roots by scoring bucks using the NET B&C scoring method. The only difference from the official B&C method is that TTHA allows bucks to qualify as a non-typical buck with only 15 inches of abnormal growth instead of 25 inches.

San Antonio was the first of the three shows and we saw lots of familiar faces. We’re grateful to hunters like Amelia Webb and Terry Johnson for bringing deer to the show every year. We love to show off your hard work. Mickey Phillips took home the Best Perfect Eight Point award while Troy Mouret’s buck wowed the crowd enough to be voted People’s Choice winner. More bucks from La Salle County were entered in the contest than from any other county. While Austin Lawrence’s buck won the High Youth award, Timmy Latiolais amazed onlookers with his 287⅞ B&C Ohio buck that won Best of Show. In total, the Alamo City netted over 3,600 inches of B&C antlers.

The Houston competition produced more Perfect Eight Points than the other two shows combined. There is something about a beautiful, mature buck that has only and exactly eight points that really gets me and quite a few other hunters excited. The Best Perfect Eight award went to Kenneth Sirois with his Dimmit County buck that scored almost 150 net inches.

By just barely edging out Carolyn Cox’s deer, the 142 7⁄8 net score of Tracy Shrander’s Mexico buck scored high enough to give her claim to the High Overall Women’s award, for the second year in a row. We’ll expect great things from Logan Howard in the years to come, as he was the High Overall Youth with his Collingsworth County buck that scored over 148 inches. Although Kenneth Pochotta’s white buck didn’t win any official awards, it truly was a showstopper as flocks of people gazed at it for hours. Sam Meeks’ buck, however, was the one that that people loved best as he took home the People’s Choice Award. Dallas Frank Munroe dragged his massive 250-inch Canadian buck to the show to win the Best of Show at the Houston competition. Overall, Houston brought out over 4,700 net inches of B&C antlers.

In Ft. Worth, we are considering changing the name of the Annual Deer Competition to something like “The Annual Youth Hunters Deer Competition (with some adults allowed.)” TTHA was proud to see that almost half of the entries in this year’s competition came from youth hunters. While it’s true that both Joelie Boenker and Rowdy Bond brought in bunches of big bucks, Bryce Dunigan’s Oklahoma buck bagged the award of High Overall Youth by netting 201½ B&C inches. The High Overall Women’s Award went to Kacee Crawford for her 143½ B&C Collingsworth buck.

Johnny Patino’s Childress mule deer not only won Best Texas Non-typical Mule Deer, but also won the coveted People’s Choice Award by sporting over 181 net inches of antlers. Jake Stites had to go all the way to Canada to shoot his 160⅜ net inch buck before he could win the Best Perfect Eight award. Rick Duff showed off his “Show Me” non-typical buck from the state of Missouri and won Best of Show by scoring 221 2/8 net inches.

Thanks to all of the contestants and a big thanks to our deer scorers and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the 2010 Annual Deer Competition a raging success. We couldn’t do it without you! Also, a big thanks to the good people at Nikon, XXXL Ground Blinds, and Cuddeback Digital for all of the great prizes awarded to this year’s winners!


Modern Arms Open Range

North Texas

Doc Holliday, 1st adult male, 131⅓ typical, San Saba County.

Bill Robinson, 2nd adult male, 131 2/8 typical San Saba County.

Hunter Albrecht, 1st youth male, 123⅞ typical, Sutton County.

South Texas & Mexico

Austin Lawrence, 1st youth male, 174⅝ non-typical, Live Oak County, Overall High Youth.

Mickey Phillips, 1st adult male, 144⅝ typical, Webb County, Best 8-Point.

Greg Mehaffey, 2nd adult male, 142⅞ typical, Uvalde County.

Justin Lyles, 3rd adult male, 127⅝ typical, La Salle County.

Trisha Kusenberger, 1st adult female, 140 6⁄8 typical, La Salle County.

Kirk Williams, 1st youth male, 128 2⁄8 typical, McMullen County.

Austin Terrell, 2nd youth male, 125⅞ typical, Medina County.

Modern Arms High Fenced

North Texas

Troy Mouret, 1st adult male, 173 6⁄8 typical, Archer County, People’s Choice.

Chris Betar, 1st youth male, 142 6⁄8 typical, Young County.

South Texas & Mexico

Amelia Web, 1st adult female, 149 2⁄8 typical, Medina County, Overall High Female.

Laurie Lyssy, 2nd adult female, 131⅜ typical, Zavala County.

Cody Ellis, 1st youth male, 133 6⁄8 typical, Zavala County.

Out Of State

Timmy Latiolais, 1st adult male, 287⅞ non-typical, Ohio, Best Of Show.

Archery Open Range

North Texas

Daniel Brothers, 1st adult male, 133 4⁄8.typical, Bandera County.

South Texas & Mexico

John Hall, 1st adult male, 152 2⁄8 typical, Zapata County.

Archery High Fenced

Steve Fey, 1st adult male, 130⅝ typical, Kimble County.

South Texas & Mexico

Torrey Nall, 1st youth male, 134 4⁄8 typical, Zavala County. Best in Previous Five Seasons

North Texas

Terry Johnson, 1st adult male, 157⅜ typical, Tom Green County.

Steven Fisher, 1st youth male, 132⅛ typical, Karnes County.

South Texas & Mexico

Leighton Wier, 1st adult male, 147⅝ typical, La Salle County.

Justin Lyles, 2nd adult male, 138⅛ typical, La Salle County.

Best Texas Mule Deer

North Texas

Travis Soechting, 1st adult male, 140 2⁄8 typical, King County.


Modern Arms Open Range

North Texas

Kenneth Pochotta, 1st adult male, 128 2⁄8 typical, Real County, Most Unique Deer.

Curtis Petrone, 2nd adult male, 124 6⁄8 typical, Colorado County.

Chandler Frakes, 1st youth female, 87 2⁄8 typical, Mason County.

Out of State

Brian Nevin, 1st adult male, 121⅜ typical, Iowa.

Larry Joe Herring, 2nd adult male, 116 4⁄8 typical, Oklahoma.

South Texas & Mexico

Cliff Pickett, 1st adult male, 173 4⁄8 typical, Coahuila, Mexico.

Kenneth Sirois, 2nd adult male, 149⅝ typical, Dimmit County, Best 8-Point.

Todd Kastendieck, 3rd adult male, 142 4⁄8 typical, McMullen County.

Tracy Shrader, 1st adult female, 142⅞ typical, Mexico, Overall High Female.

Carolyn Cox, 2nd adult female, 140 4⁄8 typical, Zapata County.

Afton Costa, 3rd adult female, 117 typical, Brewster County.

Cole Jongebloed, 1st youth male, 126 2⁄8 typical, Duval County.

Modern Arms High Fenced

North Texas

Adam Haneline, 1st adult male, 163 6⁄8 typical, Houston County.

Kaitlin Sams, 1st youth female, 133 4⁄8 typical, Colorado County.

Kent Mitchell Sams, 1st adult male, 206⅝ non-typical, Colorado County.

Rocky Rakocy, 2nd adult male, 185 non-typical, Archer County.

Charlie Bollinger, 3rd adult male,181 2⁄8 non-typical, Archer County.

Out of State

Dallas Frank Munroe, 1st adult male, 250 non-typical, Canada, Best Of Show.

South Texas & Mexico

WB “Leon” Morris, 1st senior male, 157⅜ typical, Dimmit County.

Shawn Zak, 1st adult male, 148 6⁄8 typical, La Salle County.

Big Dave Grams, 2nd adult male, 112 6⁄8 typical, Webb County.

Herby Pourciau, 1st senior male, 192⅛ non-typical, Live Oak County.

Archery Open Range

North Texas

Logan Howard, 1st youth male, 148⅞ typical, Collingsworth County, eOverall High Youth.

South Texas & Mexico

Forrest Shrader, 1st adult male, 158 6⁄8 typical, Mexico

Stan Lee, 2nd adult male, 155 2⁄8 typical, McMullen County.

Ej Hale, 3rd adult male, 146⅜ typical, Duval’County.

Jennifer Lee, 1st adult female, 135 2⁄8 typical, Live Oak County.

Archery High Fenced

North Texas

Sam Meeks, 1st adult male, 140⅞ non-typical, Schleicher County, People’s Choice.

Best in Previous Five Seasons

North Texas

Ron Heintz, 1st adult male, 138⅛ typical, Edwards County.

Robert Kincaid, 2nd adult male, 123 typical, Crockett County.

Out of State

Deborah Herring, 1st adult female, 138 2⁄8 typical, Oklahoma.

Best Texas Mule Deer

South Texas & Mexico

Randall Costa, 1st adult male, 132⅞ typical, Brewster County.


Modern Arms Open Range

North Texas

King Reagan, 1st adult male, 1150⅞ typical, Hamilton’County.

Mitchell Bateman, 2nd adult male, 145⅜ typical, Archer County.

Cullin Whiteley, 3rd adult male, 140⅛ typical, Brown County.

Jimmy McCarthy, 4th adult male, 139⅞ typical, Irion County.

Bobby Ripple, 5th adult male, 138 6⁄8 typical, Kent County.

Jim Salter, 6th adult male, 124 6⁄8 typical, San Saba County.

Randy Brown Sr., 7th adult male, 101⅜ typical, Leon County.

Jamey Creek, 1st adult male, 157⅝ non-typical, Brown County.

Hunter Stanford, 1st youth male, 147⅜ typical, Brown County.

Rowdy Bond, 2nd youth male, 144 typical, Eastland County.

Kyle Smith, 3rd youth male, 143⅝ typical, Jack County.

Alex Adair, 4th youth male, 134 6⁄8 typical, Parker County.

Russell Schick, 5th youth male, 123 4⁄8 typical, Freestone County.

Dalton Reynolds, 6th youth male, 115⅞ typical, Cottle County.

Bray Bollinger, 7th youth male, 96 4⁄8 typical, Archer County.

Kacee Crawford, 1st youth female, 143 4⁄8 typical, Collingsworth County, Overall High Female.

Alexis Salas, 2nd youth female, 123⅛ typical, Hall County.

Chloe Haney, 3rd youth female, 118⅝ typical, Parker County.

Out of State

Jake Stites, 1st adult male, 160 3⁄8 typical, Sasketchewan, Best 8-point.

Bill Long, 2nd adult male, 148⅝ typical, Kansas.

Scott Dunigan, 3rd adult male, 136⅝ typical, Oklahoma.

Bryce Dunigan, 1st youth male, 201 4⁄8 non-typical, Oklahoma, Over-all High Youth

South Texas & Mexico

Jeff Johnson, 1st adult male, 156 6⁄8 typical, Mexico.

Shane Lyon, 2nd adult male, 145 4⁄8 atypical, Webb County.

David Faulkner, 3rd adult male, 124⅝ typical, Webb County.

Joelie Boenker, 1st youth female, 126 2⁄8 typical, Kenedy County.

Joelie Boenker, 2nd youth female, 120 4⁄8 typical, Kenedy County.

Meagan Faulkner, 3rd youth female, 116 typical, Webb County.

Joelie Boenker, 4th youth female, 112⅝ typical, Kenedy County.

Joelie Boenker, 5th youth female, 91 2⁄8 typical, Kenedy County.

Modern Arms High Fenced

North Texas

Brandon Bollinger, 1st adult male, 174 typical, Archer County.

Colton Harris, 1st youth male, 138⅞ typical, Somervell County.

Out of State

Terry Johnson, 1st adult male, 144⅜ typical, Ohio.

Rick Duff, 1st adult male, 221 2⁄8 non-typical, Missouri, Best Of Show.

Larry Weishuhn, 2nd adult male, 176 6⁄8 non-typical, Canada.

South Texas & Mexico

Larry White, 1st adult male, 163⅞ typical, Medina County.

Larry White, 2nd adult male, 162 6⁄8 typical, Medina County.

Troy Mouret, 3rd adult male, 141 4⁄8 typical, La Salle County.

Tanner White, 1st youth male, 133⅞ typical, Medina County.

Archery Open Range

North Texas

Rocky Pitre, 1st adult male, 151 4⁄8 typical, Palo Pinto County.

Michael Rinehart, 2nd adult male, 136 2⁄8 typical, Wilbarger County.

Cameron Dauenhauer, 1st youth male, 138 2⁄8 typical, Shackelford County.

Colby Dauenhauer, 2nd youth male, 133⅝ typical, Shackelford County.

Mitchell Sizelove, 1st adult male, 174 4⁄8 non-typical, Cooke County.

Out of State

Paul Kratz, 1st adult male, 142⅜ typical, Illinois.

Gary Shumate, 2nd adult male, 131 4⁄8 typical, Kansas.

South Texas & Mexico

Gloria Boenker, 1st adult female, 134⅝ typical, Kenedy County. _

Quad Boenker, 1st adult male, 148⅜ non-typical, Kenedy County.

Archery High Fenced

North Texas

Mike Ford, 1st adult male, 142⅞ typical, Red River County.

Best in Previous Five Seasons

North Texas

Josh Pyle, 1st adult male, 150⅛ typical, Irion County.

Rowdy Bond, 2nd adult male, 115⅛ typical, Eastland County.

Rowdy Bond, 3rd adult male, 112 4⁄8 typical, Baylor County.

South Texas & Mexico

Sabra Johnson, 1st adult female, 133⅞ typical, Mexico.

Out of State

Gary Shumate, 1st adult male, 193 4⁄8 non-typical, Kansas.

Best Texas Mule Deer

North Texas

Keith Hudson, 1st adult male, 132 4⁄8 typical, Armstrong County.

Rowdy Bond, 2nd adult male, 122 typical, Val Verde County.

Dalton Reynolds, 1st youth male, 140⅜ typical, Cottle County.

Alexis Salas, 1st youth female, 109⅝ typical, Hall County.

Johnny Patino, 1st adult male, 181⅝ non-typical, Childress County, People’s Choice.




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