Advertising and Sponsorships

Texas Trophy Hunters Association can help you maximize your marketing and advertising budget. We are a membership-based organization, with diverse offerings across all media channels: print, tradeshows, digital media, website, television, and more!



Debbie Keene

Executive Editor/ Ad Production Manager
Office: 210-491-2127, Cell: 210-288-9491
[email protected]



Dillon Brown

Director of Sales and Digital Media
Office: 210-491-2110, Cell 210-310-9499
[email protected]


“Texas Trophy Hunters is a wonderful organization that has benefited my business tremendously as well as enhanced my knowledge as a hunter. I am a life member and encourage you to join at that level if you have not done so. As an advertiser I am so fortunate to have worked with all the staff at TTHA, and have been supported by Texas Trophy Hunters over the years at the shows and in the magazine. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me and thanks to all my clients who read and call.”

Tina Kahlig, Tina Kahlig & Associates Real Estate.

“The Texas Trophy Hunters Association is a recognized leader in the hunting industry. Advertising with TTHA provides unsurpassed exposure to a national market of whitetail hunting fanatics and enthusiasts!”

Jason Shipman, TTHA Pro Staff