Senate expected to confirm Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports the nomination of U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) as Interior Secretary should receive a full Senate vote this week. An avid sportsman and former Navy

Enter TBGA while there’s still time The Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) entry deadline is March 1. That’s the final date for postmarked entries. Don’t delay; enter today! Award categories include white-tailed deer; bighorn sheep; mule deer; pronghorn; and javelina.

Texas Hog Hunters Association starts petition against it The Texas Hog Hunters Association opposes the introduction of a new Warfarin based pesticide to control the feral hog population. Outdoor product company Sellmark said in a press release it also opposes

Feral hogs cause $50 million in damage annually State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced Tuesday that he is approving a pesticide, “Kaput Feral Hog Lure,” for statewide use. He says the product, poisoned bait food, is the first specifically designed

Bighorn has initial entry score of 186 1/2 Pope and Young Club announced a desert bighorn sheep taken last year might become a new world’s record. Tony Loop’s bighorn, taken in November, has an initial entry score that could surpass

Online resources available for public comment, webinar set for Feb. 21 The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department seeks public comment on proposed changes to the state’s hunting and fishing regulations for 2017-18. Access to online resources, including details on these

Key deer plagued by screwworm outbreak SAN ANTONIO – For the past several months, a Texas A&M University System institute has been actively involved in efforts to quash a screwworm outbreak in Florida jeopardizing an already endangered species, Florida’s Key

Lead ban on federal lands issued on last day of Obama administration The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports their work with U.S. Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) has resulted in 60 House members sending a bipartisan letter to President Trump requesting U.S.

Suit due to refuge system overreach On February 10, the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, the Alaska Professional Hunters Association and two rural Alaskans filed suit against the federal government seeking to overturn two Obama-era restrictions governing the management of National Wildlife Refuge and

In my 9 years of experience of running the Non-Profit Organization Hunting with Soldiers (, I have learned a valuable lesson. The meaning of a trophy is different to many people. For some a trophy may be a 150 plus