Quail season opens with high expectations Quail live on the edge. In lean years when weather and habitat conditions conspire against them, the birds hunker down and then when things are right their numbers explode. Experts refer to this in

Deer hunting forecast looks good this season Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Video News Report, entitled “Deer Hunting Forecast 2016,” is now available for viewing. The video notes how deer hunting brings in more than $2 billion to the state’s

Biologists fight back against giant salvinia Giant salvinia covers about half of North Toledo Bend Wildlife Management Area’s 500-acre wetland impoundment, blocking boat access for duck hunters and keeping migrating waterfowl from food and habitat. The problem would be worse

Ballot initiatives easily abused The Boone and Crockett Club believes some ballot initiatives actually harm wildlife populations. They place at risk the most successful system of wildlife conservation in the world directly responsible for abundant and thriving wildlife populations everyone

Officials say mule deer population falls 110,000 short Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want to kill up to 15 more mountain lions and 25 more black bears a year. They propose this to help save the state’s dwindling mule deer

Agency will not allow trophies from captive lion populations On October 20, US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Director Dan Ashe announced the decision regulating the import of sport-hunted lion trophies under the Endangered Species Act from South Africa. The

At least four sightings documented Wildlife biologists are advising hunters, ranchers and rural residents in Northeast Texas of confirmed black bear sightings. At least four sightings have been documented on game trail cameras between June and late August in Bowie,

Are you ready? Texas’ general deer season opener begins Nov. 5. Special Youth Season begins Oct. 29. Indicators point to excellent prospects because of good habitat conditions across the state, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials. Parts of East

Expansion threatens desert bighorn sheep The U.S. Air Force wants a good chunk of land from the Desert National Wildlife Refuge 30 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It wants it to expand a nearby training and testing facility. In late

Little-known law makes color signify warning to interlopers Did you know the color purple painted on fence posts or trees in Texas means no trespassing? Most people don’t. Since 1997, Texas has had this unique law on the books. According