Sidney Raper shares tips on getting the most of out your hunting dollar. Frugality can work when updating your hunting gear according to the Hunting Insider.

The Making Public Lands Public Access Act guarantees funding for helping hunters access public lands and is supported by various hunting organizations.

The USFWS is reopening for fourteen days the public comment period on the proposed special rule dealing with the lesser prairie-chicken conservation plan.

Eastern wild turkeys from other states will call Texas home over the next few weeks, thanks to the efforts of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the TPWD.

Scientist Alan Harn has been observing whitetails in the field for 50 years and has published a book with his observations after his five decades at the scrape.

A proposed regulation dealing with the use of gassing substances to capture non-game wildlife has been pulled from Thursday’s agenda of the TPW Commission.

President Obama has signed into law the Omnibus Bill, which includes The Three Amigos provision ensuring the future of 3 antelope species flourishing in Texas.

The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014 creates a program for concealed carry permit holders to go to other states & carry a concealed gun.

Deer with the “Bullwinkle” syndrome develop a rounded, moose-like snout, which is probably caused by a bacterial infection. This disease might not be new.

During the off-season, hunters can help improve the deer herd population. Blogger Bob Speirs offers six tips for things hunters can do to promote herd growth.