The US House passed a bill called the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act as Title XII of the Conservation and Economic Growth Act.

Area bowhunters will get another chance this year to help manage the deer population at the Kerrville-Schreiner Park through a continued lease with TPWD.

An aerial survey to assess lesser prairie-chicken populations in 5 states detected several previously unknown leks despite drought across the region last year.

Nominations are being accepted for the Capstick Award for contributions to wildlife and habitat conservation, as well as commitment to hunting heritage.

According to the Louisiana Sportsman, an analysis managed deer hunts on wildlife management areas revealed total harvests were down by approximately 700 deer.

The hunters and target shooters share hunting with friends, and, as a NSSF-funded study reveals, they’re there for one overriding reason: to have fun.

According to a blogger, half of students graduating with game management degrees are not hunters, have never handled a gun, and don’t know hunting traditions.

The San Angelo Standard TImes reports the first case of anthrax this year in an adult whitetail near Uvalde. No domestic livestock are said to be involved.

Later this year, hunters and the conservation community will celebrate the 75th anniversary of federal legislation that keeps state wildlife agencies afloat.

A Cows and Quail workshop will bring together experts to identify the habitat conditions that are necessary for West Texas Quail and many other animals.